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meet morgan

c'est beau1872 member + WWC contest winner

winning this trip was such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. I never thought that by becoming a member I would ever win. It became apparent that this was such a special treat. to explore northern france, cheer on the usa women’s soccer team, explore café’s and old towns, all with one of my best friends was the most unreal experience. I am so glad I signed up for the membership earlier this year.

the game was unbelievable – the energy was super high and the stadium was beautifully packed. we were sitting next to the sweden fans and they were a rowdy bunch. It definitely brought our energy up. the usa women scored an early goal and really controlled the game from there, winning 2 to 0. there’s nothing like supporting the usa national team, especially the respect and dominance the women’s soccer team has.

we lucked out on weather during the trip with nothing but sunshine! le havre was bustling as fans were roaming around locally. we spent a lot of time roaming around le havre – dining in an old chateau, grabbing coffee at a local favorite (williamsburg) and roaming around bookstores (even if everything was in french). we also visited honfleur for dinner on the bassin. there was a big musical event going on all around france and we were able to see performances from a small band, a dj, a quartet in an alley and even karaoke. we also grabbed some fresh seafood and some beach time in deauville and treuville.