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truth or drink
truth or drink
truth or drink
truth or drink
truth or drink

truth or drink

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Product Description

the adult party game that went viral for a reason. will you and your friends tell the hard truth or drink to keep a secret?

how to play 

  1. shuffle together decks of your choice. taking turns, pick two players to ask each other the questions written on it
  2. players can either answer, forfeit the round and take a drink, or mix it up with a with a twist card.
  3. if both players answer the dealer awards the Question Card to the most satisfying, revealing, or brutally honest respondent. First player to accumulate 5 question cards wins. 


  • includes 5 different decks  (432 questions on 220 cards + 55 strategy cards)
    • On the Rocks: Classic, inquisitive questions that are safe for work
    • Extra Dirty: Very racy and salacious – definitely NSFW
    • Happy Hour: Radically affirming questions for when you want to be nice to each other
    • Last Call: Questions that put your relationships to the ultimate test
    • With a Twist: A deck that adds strategic gameplay
  • 3-8 players 
  • ages 21+ 
  • 30-60 minutes
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