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the she book
the she book
the she book
the she book
the she book

the she book

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powerful poetry = self-care

Product Description

a collection of 114 poems written for you. crafting together the power of words and womanhood, writer Tanya Markul has written a completely unique poetry collection fit for the phenomenal readers of today.

in tanya's words, "may we raise the bar for how we live our lives. may we ridiculously increase the amount of peace, play, creativity, beauty, love, and joy in everything we do. may we all sip from the wisdom of our suffering and awaken with the courage to share our stories that can heal our inner and outer worlds."



  • 144 pages
  • published 06.04.2019
  • dimensions: 7.90" h x 5.20" w x 0.40" d


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one size fits sizes 0-10 comfortably