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bali wireless
bali wireless
bali wireless
bali wireless

bali wireless

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recharge on the go

Product Description

the bali wireless power bank ensures your favorite devices never run out of battery with or without a cable. fast, optimal and secure cable-free charge to the latest iPhone, Samsung and all other Qi compatible devices. can successfully deliver a wire-free charge through most smartphone cases up to 3mm. The curved strips designed at the top surface ensure heat dissipation and thereby offer a temperature control to protect your device’s battery. made in sleek matt finishing, it is a convenient and elevated addition to your home or workspace. 



  • 4.22 x 0.68”
  • 6.3 oz
  • USB and USB-C ports
  • rechargeable on USB-C port (cable included)
  • 5000 mah capacity
small medium large


4-6 6-8 8-10


32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-38"


25"-27" 27"-29" 29"-31"


35"-37" 37"-39" 39"-41"

one size fits sizes 0-10 comfortably