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meet michelle

c'est beau1872 intern

I’m michelle and I’m 19 years old. currently, I study fashion business at FIT. it is not a coincidence I ended up at fashion school— fashion is something I always found myself immersed in. I credit growing up in close proximity to nyc for having an overwhelming influence on my identity. the city is the place that has given me exposure to culture and experiences that I do not believe I could have gotten anywhere else. it has offered me many creative opportunities and has allowed me to be a part of c'est beau1872, a brand that inherently embodies creativity. this has allowed my creative outlet, fashion and beauty to flourish.

through my constant trips to local and city consignment shops, I’ve realized my obsession with vintage fashion goes deep. I am motivated by any archival fashion piece in hopes of transporting it to the modern day. mixing the old with the new allows me to create a style that caters exclusively to me. this creation grants me control over how I assert myself amongst my surroundings, navigating between both past and present while being authentically me.  

I am empowered by being able to transform my look... beauty and makeup permit me to do so. makeup is the art form I am most confident in. I’ve had no traditional training but instead spent hours watching tutorials online. It is not something I do out of necessity rather pure interest and enjoyment. 

it is through these outlets that I am able to make decisions for myself and shape the person I am becoming. channeling my creativity through my work has been the most rewarding and addicting experience. I realize my age allows me to change my mind about many things but working amid fashion and beauty is something I am confident I will never question.