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meet devon

c'est beau1872 intern/stylist

growing up, my life revolved around sports. weekends were reserved for games and tournaments and after-school activities included practice or training. the saying "I can't, I have soccer" quite literally summed up my life. between travel sports, high school sports, schoolwork, and a social life, there was little room to experiment in any other department... and up until this year, I thought that's just the way it had to be. I would finish 4 years of college, hang up my cleats and then start to find my true passion... except I didn't want to wait anymore. sports have been an amazing chapter in my life. they've given me beautiful memories, great friends, unforgettable accomplishments and so much more, but that's just one chapter. I wanted to challenge myself and though soccer at the collegiate level was a challenge, it wasn't the one I wanted. I've always been interested in fashion, photography, and art, but knowing my place as an athlete, that seemed an entirely different world. but I had such an urge to want to create, design, and learn that I decided I was just going to turn the page. onto the next chapter. 

I am so fortunate to intern for c'est beau1872, as it has given me the opportunity to do what I had always envisioned. by immersing myself into this new industry, I have found myself to be so much more inspired and creative than I ever have been. to be excited to go to work is so rare and it just tells me I made the right decision following my passion. to completely change my life was scary... sports was all I ever knew. I went from wearing shorts and t-shirts 7 days a week to actual outfits... that's a big deal. I think you just have to want it badly enough to be willing to take that leap of faith. I wanted more for myself and I didn't want to waste it being stuck in my comfort zone. I will always be an athlete. I'm not erasing it from my past as it's gotten me to where I am today. I am proud of my decisions and every day I am excited for what's coming next.