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meet claudia

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my name is claudia - I'm 24, currently pursuing a master's degree in educational counseling and can still confidently say I don't know what my future looks like.

I went to school, kindergarten through college, in the same town... yes, I'm feeling only slight cabin fever... but it's 5 minutes from the beach, which is the reason I never wanted to leave. I attended monmouth university, and played 5 years of division 1 lacrosse. 

up until a year ago, I only knew how to identify myself as an athlete. that's all I did, who I was, what I leaned on, and most importantly how I knew myself. 20 years of sports, run-tests, teammates, practices, hard fought wins and heartbreaking losses... all of a sudden, done. if you're sensing a major identity crisis, you're totally right. I didn't know how to workout if it wasn't physically exhausting. I didn't know how to eat if it wasn't eating like I was burning 1500 calories a day. life as I knew it was completely different. 

I reverted back to the only thing I knew for sure - that movement was my sanity. I started practicing yoga as a way to feel grounded and to seek intention, I started running the boardwalk (not because I had to, but because it was my best therapy) and I started eating foods that made me feel good. I found comfort in what had been a true constant my entire life, movement. 

it was simplistic, it was intentional, it was active, and it was me. 

as I mentioned before, my future is ever-changing, I'm constantly becoming excited by different ideas, opportunities and paths as they arise, and that is quite alright with me. I have a small, yet powerful group of friends, who are constantly inspiring me while simultaneously helping me grow. I might not be on the lacrosse field, but my family is still my biggest fan. I love the summer, green juices, athleisure, introspection, and most of all - the sunset. through my own eyes, this life I'm leading is the perfect blend of a hot mess and a beautiful masterpiece, which I'm in love with, which I'm growing into, and which is constantly revolving around movement.